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A new… and short… series of works has been born out of necessity for my sanity.

I recently had surgery on my right shoulder. Being a right-handed everything my whole life, both the surgery and my full recovery were a non-negotiable.

Doing all the right things is one thing… but full pausing on creativity is yet another non-negotiable, and so LEFT OVERS was born.

My LEVER OVERS series is a small series of works created with my left (non-dominant) hand. Having never used it before I was not entirely sure how it was going to go and promised myself zero practice in the lead up to creating the series.

So far there are four pieces in the LEFT OVER collection. There may or may not be more down the track. For now, I am grateful for the opportunity to push myself, force myself to consider alternatives to my standard practice.

‘A Full Head Of Hare’

‘Chimp Off The Old Block’

‘Eye Of The’

‘Bear With Me’

Special thanks photographers of my reference photos; Sue Cross (Hare), David Whelan (Chimp and Tiger) and Robert O'Toole (Bear)

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