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Beachside Seafood

Where am I?

Sea salt fills the air, sunshine gently kisses my shoulders (sunscreen applied of course) and the sound of waves only meters away, gently rolling in warms my heart and soul. I have a craving for seafood, but I am not hungy, so I head to KAB Gallery Terrigal at the ground floor of Terrigal's iconic Cown Plaza, where I find what I am looking for... a strange place for Seafood? Perhaps, but on the walls of the gallery you will find my works "Crab" and "Lobster" from my Scratch Series of works. There you will also find some of my birds, Zebra Finches and Major Mitchell Cockatoos... my Budgerigars have already flown to coup having found their forever home. Visit KAB GALLERY TERRIGAL, Shop 19 Crown Plaza Terrigal, 40 Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal, NSW, Australia while stock last,

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