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Social Distancing Silver Linings

It’s true, for many there are many hardships being faced over the last few months of social distancing. I however have been one of those sickening cup half full people relishing in the silver linings that come with extra time on my hands.

Along with the masses, I am on reduced hours and wages from the grown-up job. And for the passion job, had art exhibitions postponed, cancelled and moved online. For me personally, it has been an opportunity to try wacky new creative projects that have been on my mind for a time… encaustic painted (painted with wax) ugly sculptures, finally finishing my bathroom mural (see last blog post) and much more. I am even considering getting back into a bit of landscape work! *Gasp*... and going to town on our shed with a few cheeky critters.

I have also been lucky enough to land a few fun and challenging commissions, which I would not have had time for if it weren’t for the cancellation of exhibitions… so my silver linings just keep piling up. My last completed piece was this gorgeous Gecko… decided I want ten of them… and then thought the cats might think they were a tasty snack and thought better of it. It's been a while between scales, so tickled pink to have another one on the drawing board now of an actual living dinosaur… will have to post the completed work once its done.

For now…

“Gecko” Custom Scratch work by Renee Mitchell Pen and Acrylic on A1 paper

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